Direct VAT registration in Italy

VAT registration to fulfil your tax obligations!

We will handle all the procedures for your direct VAT registration in Italy.

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Definition direct identification and tax representative in Italy

With a direct VAT registration in Italy, also known as "direct identification", companies not resident in other EU countries may fulfil VAT obligations resulting from specific activities, in Italy. As an alternative to direct VAT identification, a tax representative may be appointed in Italy. In the case of companies with registered offices outside the European Union, the only option is the appointment of a tax representative in Italy.

Online stores (e-commerce) with sales in Italy

A direct VAT registration is fundamental, above all in the case of online stores. It is also necessary to make a distinction between direct and indirect e-commerce.

Indirect e-commerce in Italy
Indirect e-commerce is any business carried out through the Internet, involving the delivery of a commodity, with the order and, in some cases, even payment made online, and the physical delivery of a commodity.

Direct e-commerce in Italy
Direct e-commerce is any business carried out entirely through the internet, without making a physical delivery. Downloading software or purchasing e-books or downloading pictures or videos are all examples of direct e-commerce. 
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Manuel Leitner
Acquisition & credit management, VAT registrations
We will handle all the procedures for your direct VAT registration in Italy.
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