ETL - European Tax & Law - is a European network of more than 1000 tax advisors, lawyers and trainees and more than 3000 employees. Graber & Partner has looked after ETL Italia since 2010 and advises companies mainly from Germany and Austria who are interested in operating in Italy. ETL Germany -; ETL Europe -; ETL Italy -



Reiterer & Marangoni is a law firm based in Bozen that offer advice on commercial law, contracts and labor law for companies that are also mainly based in Italy or in Germany.


The IFK Consulting is a company that already operates for over 20 years in management consulting, introduction and maintanance of integrated management systems and audits.


De Monte is our partner for health and safety in the workplace. Arno De Monte and his team can be found at


Business Pool is more than a recruiting company. They also offer corporate/employee development and tools for gauging the corporate culture and staff satisfaction.


Econ of Prenn Egon is our partner for environmental consulting. They are experts for WEEE, Sisti, Mud and many more.

Our tax advisor partners in Europe: