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Labor law consulting & payroll accounting

More than payslips – your tax- and labor law consultant in Bruneck, South Tyrol, Italy 

Employees are a valuable asset in a dynamic and fast moving economic world. An employer who can count on happy and motivated employees is on the right track and will be able to adapt his company easily to new market conditions.

For this reason, professional and reliable assistance in this area is indispensable. We can provide a comprehensive advice on every labour law topic. Furthermore, we take care of your payroll accounting. From drawing up employment contracts to the monthly payslips- we offer you an all-round service that helps you lead your staff.

Our services:
  • Payroll accounting

We manage the monthly payrolls for you, including holiday leave and other types of leave of absence. We shall also be happy to assist you with opening time accounts to ensures more flexible and efficient organization of working hours.

  • Drawing up and amending employment contracts

We take care of drawing up, amending and extending the employment contracts of your employees, including the mandatory electronic communications. It goes without saying that each contract or agreement can be drawn up, as needed, in Italian/English and/or German, and also be adapted to the individual requirements of the company.

  • Labour cost calculations

Having labour costs under control increases planning security, and is therefore an indispensable tool for every company. It is a useful measurement that allows the company to understand how expensive a new employee is going to become for the company itself.

  • Hiring Consulting

The first step in hiring a new employee is certainly the choice of the right type of contract. Our specialized knowledge garnered over the years allows us to give you the right advice on the different employment contracts and their respective advantages and disadvantages, so that you will be always able to find the best solution for the company and the employee.

  • Mandatory communications concerning hiring and termination of employment

We take care of promptly sending the mandatory notifications to the local job center regarding the appointment of the employee, changes to the employment contract and termination of employment. At the same time, we also check for supplementary pension or health care liabilities.

  • Management/monitoring tax payments via form F24

We meet and adjust your tax liabilities via form F24.

  • Electronic transmission of salary data to the bank

Managing and paying the salaries is time-consuming. For this reason, we pay salaries for you, by transmitting the salary data to the bank of your choice. If desired, we can also send you the data by e-mail, so that you can choose the required data sets via Online-Banking.

  • Annual returns

We take care of drawing up and transmitting all mandatory annual returns, such as Form 770 –substitute tax return Form CU - certification of the withholding agent (formerly CUD) and Form 730 - tax return.

  • Legal assistance with labour disputes

Labour law is a complicated subject where the law changes frequently. This leads to quite a few labour disputes. Our specialized knowledge garnered over the years qualifies us to help you to prevent labour disputes through careful and competent analysis of the concrete situation and if disputes do arise we know how to handle and settle them through conciliation and mediation procedures. This helps to avoid endless and expensive lawsuits.

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